Space for art

Sculpture and abstract painting

In conversation with Susanne Kathlen Mader

Susanne Kathlen Mader talks about her exhibition at Kunsthall Bærum. The audience will be guided through the process of creation in order to understand the steps from the concept up to the finished installation. In the Interview, the artist shares with us her sense of the space and her different perspectives on the artwork.

Gabriele Schlesselmann

Video based on the series The Impact by Gabriele Schlesselmann

In Gabriele Schlesselmann's current video White, the medium of painting is taken further in moving images. The artist's preference for alternating sharpness and blurriness reaches new dimensions in the digital format. Rhythmic sequences of images and minimalist musical parts determine the tempo, which is interrupted in between by a black monitor.

Neckstrike and Cow

by Gabriele Schlesselmann

In the video Neckstrike and Cow by Gabriele Schlesselmann, contrasting moments emerge. Using minimalist technique, the painter also explores the potential of video art.