Gabriele Schlesselmann

The painting series The Impact with its diverse representations of water jets forms the subject of the video work White. A precise use of sound, time and digital tools ensures a brilliant artistic language. The physical force of water formulated in chalk appears particularly violent through its transmission as a graphic effect. Left-directed lines move with increasing speed across the picture surface until their destructive force disintegrates the composition into an almost monochrome white. In close-ups, the plasticity of the filmed mixed-media paintings seems almost tangible before they finally dissolve as visible pixels. Such ingenious media translations enhance the aesthetic effect and thus underline the pictorial statement. 

Despite multiple sensory impressions, the content-related concentration on the impact of the water remains in the video. The mood seems alternately warm, cold, light, dark, distorted or metallic. The interplay of sound and image effects form a complex and at the same time completely coherent sensory-aesthetic relationship. The title not only refers to the predominant colour in the painting series, but also evokes the association of a constant sensual noise.

[Video coming soon]